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Adventure Quest Worlds: Arcangrove - Gilead Walkthrough

Intro: Greetings, hero. I am known as Umbra. As an Earth Shaman I speak to the spirits of the stones and soil around us and under our feet. They have much wisdom to share with those willing to listen. They bore witness to the fall of Great Gilead so long ago and they can tell us how to avoid this kind of devastation in our future.

[GILEAD] Many centuries ago this city was built by those who lived their lives surrounded by magic. They became so reliant on magic that eventually the city literally collapsed under the weight of their dependence. Magic is a wonderful tool, the stones say, but it should never be taken for granted.

Task 1: The Root of Elementals
Description: Building a strong, spiritual connection with the four elements is the key element for every Shaman. If you hope to obtain the Wrap of Gilead from its Protector, you must first understand each element. Let us begin with Earth, the literal root of all elements. Go forth and collect 5 Dregs Essences from the Earth Elementals who roam the ruins. Then, journey back to Arcangrove and gather 4 Seed Spitters Spirits, for they too are the epitome of Earth Elementals. Best of luck on your travels, hero.

Items Required: Dregs Essence (5), Spitter Spirit (4)

Rewards: 500 Gold, 500 XP, 2000 Rep: Arcangrove

How To:
Defeat Earth Elemental at Gilead and Seed Spitter at Arcangrove to get the required items. Then give the items back to Umbra to get your reward.

Task 2: Eupotamic Elementals
Description: The Element of Water is rich in spiritual tradition. It is a necessity for most creatures that live in our world, and as such, we Shamans share a deep connection with it. Continue your elemental training by defeating enough Water Elementals to collect 5 Aqueous Essences. Afterwards, travel deep into The Natatorium and witness the manifestations of the Water Elements: Merfolk. Bring back 6 MerCores from the Merdraconians in order to complete your quest.

Items Required: Aqueous Essence (5), MerCore (6)

Rewards: 500 Gold, 500 XP, 2200 Rep: Arcangrove

How To:
Defeat Water Elemental at Gilead and Merdraconian at Natatorium to get the required items. Then give the items back to Umbra to get your reward.

Task 3: Breaking Wind Elementals
Description: Everything that lives, breathes. Without the Element of Air, life as we know it would cease to exist. The Wind Elementals of the Ruins harness Welkin, the very essence of Air. Bring me 5 Welkin Essences from the Wind Elementals to show that you fully understand the importance of this element. When finished, head to The Cloister and confront the Karasu. Their souls belong to that of the Air Element, and if you bring me 8 of them, you will be awarded in not only Reputation, but also the priceless knowledge of this Element.

Items Required: Welkin Essence (5), Karasu Soul (8)

Rewards: 650 Gold, 600 XP, 2400 Rep: Arcangrove

How To:
Defeat Air Elemental at Gilead and Karasu at Cloister to get the required items. Then give the items back to Umbra to get your reward.

Task 4: Fight Fire With Fire Salamanders
Description: Fire is one of the most powerful and dangerous elements in this world. It gives the life... but just as quickly can take it away. If you find a connection with Fire, you have found a connection with the elements themselves. Are you prepared for the challenge? Deliver 5 Pyre Essence from the fiery elements in the Ruins. Then make your journey to Mudluk and bring back 5 Fire Salamanders from the Swamp Frogdrakes. If you return victorious, then you will be ready to face the Great Protector of the Wrap of Gilead.

Items Required: Pyre Essence (5), Fire Salamander (5)

Rewards: 700 Gold, 750 XP, 2800 Rep: Arcangrove

How To:
Defeat Fire Elemental at Gilead and Swamp Frog at Mudluk to get the required items. Then give the items back to Umbra to get your reward.

Task 5: Guardian of the Gilead Wrap
Description: Now that you have studied the four elements, you are ready to uncover the element that feeds all magic: Mana. As the life force behind magic itself, the Mana Elemental resides deep within the Ruins. Guardian of the Gilead Wrap, you must first beat the Mana Elemental's puzzle in order to meet our Great Protector. Only when you defeat it will you be worthy of attaining the Wrap of Gilead. I wish you the best of luck. May the Elements be with you.

Items Required: Defeated Mana Elemental (1)

Rewards: 800 Gold, 800 XP, 3000 Rep: Arcangrove

How To:


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