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Adventure Quest Worlds: SKYGUARD Walkthrough Information

There's 1 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. Captain Stratos (Skyguard Captain of the Phereless)


Code Location: battleon

Intro: I hope you'll forgive me for dropping anchor here, but there was no other choice. Sky Pirates have taken over my ship and the Skyguard needs your help getting her back! Arm yourself with Skyguard weapons and armor and I wil meet you on board!


Code Location: airship

Intro: Well this is embarassing. As if the Sky Pirates themselves weren't enough of a hassle, now they've taken my own ship! I'm going to need your help if I'm going to regain control of The Phereless from Gladius' goons. Can I count on you?

I have time for a few questions, but ask quickly. I have a ship to regain.

[SKYGUARD] The Skyguard is King Alteon's flying army. We patrol the skies looking for signs of danger. After seeing the threat Sepulchure's flying fortress made, Alteon saw fit to create a group of knights that could combat him anywhere. That's where we come in. We're able to go anywhere and attack from anywhere. No evil is safe from us.

[SKY PIRATES] Sky Pirates are nasty enemies of the air. They use their ships, some stolen, some not, to harass my knights and destroy villages. They used to be fairly tame though, but lately their leader, Gladius, has become more aggressive. My scouts have reported he has a dragon outfitted with anti-air cannons. It seems he wants the skies for himself. I will not let that happen.

[STRATOS] You want to know about me? There's not much to tell. I used to wander from place to place looking for someone, but with Drakath on the loose I felt I needed to step up my searching. Becoming Captain of the Skyguard allows me to both protect Lore and search all across the land. Someday, I will find him...

Task 1: Fiends in High Places
Description: Hero! An army of Sky Pirate Draconians have taken over the Phereless! The Skyguard cannot control this draconian onslaught by ourselves. We desperately need assistance! Take out 15 of those reptilian ruffians before things get TOO out of hand!

Items Required: Slain Sky Pirate (15)

Rewards: 400 Gold, 400 XP, 500 Rep: Good

How To:
Defeat Sky Pirate Draconian to get the required items. Then give the items back to Captain Stratos to get your reward.

Task 2: A Whirled Wide Traveler
Description: The Pereless is powered by a steam motor found beneath Her main deck. If the Sky Pirates end up taking over the ship entirely... the amount of damage they could cause to Lore is incalculable. We must cut off power to the ship in case they succeed!

Before the Phereless was hijacked, the Skyguard received a shipment of Gel-Oh-No brand gelatin treats (hey, it's a healthy threat and fund to eat!). If we could throw enough Gel-Oh-No into the ship's boiler... it just might clog it up. Search the entire ship for 10 of these boxes and toss them in the boiler!

Items Required: Boiler Clogged (1)

Rewards: 550 Gold, 500 XP, 700 Rep: Good

How To:
Search around the ship and look for the boxes and get it. After you get 10 of the boxes, go to the lower deck and at the 1st room, click at the boiler to throw the boxes. The ship's machine will be damaged and you'll get the required items. Then give the items back to Captain Stratos to get your reward.

Task 3: Boiler Spoiler
Description: Something is wrong down in the engine room. The boiler is clogged... but *something* is moving around down there. You don't think... from all the Gel-O-No... no no no no... no way... but maybe. Hurry back to the engine room and find out what's going on down there!

Items Required: Gel-O-No Defeated (1)

Rewards: 600 Gold, 650 XP, 950 Rep: Good

How To:
Go to the lower deck and defeat Rehydrated Gell Oh No at 2nd room to get the required items. Then give the items back to Captain Stratos to get your reward.

Task 4: This Fight Will Dragon
Description: The Sky Pirates have called in for reinforcements! For lack of a better name a HUGE Sky Pirate Dragon is wreaking havoc on the Phereless. This monstrosity has given a whole new meaning to 'armed to the teeth'. It's got a weapon arsenal on its armor and... woah... a CANNON on its back?!?

This fight will not be easy. I will stand guard here while you take out that big boy. I wish you the best of luck.

Items Required: Sky Pirate Dragon Slain (1)

Rewards: 800 Gold, 700 XP, 1200 Rep: Good

How To:

Go to upper deck and to the right until you met Sky Pirate Dragon. Defeat Sky Pirate Dragon to get the required items. Then give the items back to Captain Stratos to get your reward.


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