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AQWorlds The Span Walkthrough Update 10 November 2012

AQWorlds The Span - Dragon Fable (DF) Lesson

Back at The Span (Code Location: thespan) zone again, enter the Yellow Portal to learn the Dragon Fable Lesson.

Inside the maze, the room is always changing and you may met these people:
- Cysero will told you, "Who woulda thought you'd walk into this place? Well done, you. I'm not sure I could have, but then, I don't have feet. And I was already here, waiting for you. You'll grok the inner-workings of spacetime travel; I can feel it. I get a cracklin' in my under-orb, when things are going right. And you, you're not going to go left. Not today, at least. Not if you've got your towel on.

[WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?] It means that you found the workshop just in time. You're going big places, Hero, and soon. If you ain't got your towel, then you'll find yourself up a timestream without a phonebooth, if you get my drift.

[I... DON'T] Anyone who travels through time needs the proper gear, or they're guaranteed to get lost. If you know Cysero, and I know you do, because he's got an Otherself here, too, then you know that he's the guy to have with you when you want to build a time-traveling phonebooth. And you? You definetly DO. So get to it".

- Zeuster will told you, "*Cluck* YOU! You are the reason I have been brought here. I ruled the greatest roost in the OtherWorld as a god! My temple was great and my people - the ChickenCows - worshipped me. But because you must learn the nature of the elements, and how to defy fate, I have been recreated here, in a MUCH lesser form. I will not forget this, Hero.

[A GOLEM GOD?] You have so much to learn. Yes. I am the ruler of the ChickenCows. Or would be, if I were who I should be. But I am a shadow of my former self. You have no reason to do what I say, and I - I only help you because I sense, even as a golem, that you have the potential power to send me home. You WILL do that if you achieve your destiny!

[NATURE OF ELEMENTS] Yes. The world is made up of many different parts. Your world. Every world. Each creature on it is a mix of the 8 core elements... and another. The Void, Bacon, Element X. Call it what you will, but that extra element has powers the other, more mundane ones, do not. Seek it out. Sense the greatness. This is what you must learn here".

- Ash will told you, "It's YOU! Hero, I have been told much about you, and my OtherSelf... somehow his memories remained with me. I know what you have done. Where HE is, and I will do everything I can to help you achieve your destiny HERE. Just like OtherYou helped OtherMe! But first... we must protect our home! A Hero cannot let the people who look to them down.

[WHAT WILL YOU DO?] I... cannot say. I do not know what my future holds. I still have the golem-cuff the Master placed on me when I was created. But then Chaos dissolved it. The acid tickled; I did not expect THAT. It was almost pleasant. To have no rules to follow, no pre-set path. Go where you will, doing what you will... it sounds nice, you know?".

- Ultra Vultragon will told you, "So nice of you to sshow up, Hero! Did you get... LOST? *Screech* One such as you must find their destiny, digging through garbage, filth and slimy eye-tentacles to seize what is yours. Just like your OtherSelf did. And in the doing, you will free ME! I do not choose to remain trapped here. The golem-bracelet is gone, but Chaos has taken hold. I wish to return home! Find your dragon egg and save me!

[YOU DID NOT CHOOSE THIS?] *Hissss* Would you have? To know that you have another life, another mind, on a different world, but are trapped? Your memories transferred unwillingly. To fly no more, first seized by little green monsters, guarding their garbage. Then saved by a mage, only to be thrust into a new body - new world. And THEN to be surrounded by chaos? It is no life. No life for any creature!".

- Flying Eyeball will told you, "*Blink* You should not be seen here. Do you not know the golems are free of the Master's will? Chaos severed their ties. But the enemies he set up to teach you remain aggressive. I see great battles ahead of you, but the knowledge you gain here will be... eye-opening. Focus on the tasks at hand.

[MY FUTURE LOOKS LIKE?] I cannot see the future; only a Chronomancer can do that. But I CAN see the present, and it looks very, very bloodshot. Chaos has granted otherwise-peaceful golems the will to rebel, and given sight to those who could not see their own reality. Do not be blinded to the danger they present... or the help they could give if convinced to do so".

- Chaorrupted Poultrygeist will told you, "*Cluck cluck* Aria-lady taught me speakings. Then she's gone away, now I run the dungeon, can't find her! *Bwaaaack!* Path keeps changing, shouldn't. Nope! Makes no sense when you turn right and find you went straight instead. How to keep track? *cluck* Keep a map? Good luck!

[YOU AREN'T A GOLEM?] *Bwack* Yesno! Master made Aria-lady, made me. I's the golem-ghost of a pet she once had. But smarter. Not so bird-brained or I's couldn't tell you things, right-right? I was golem-ghost and then I wasn't. All a sudden the place started melting-changing-dripping like broken egg yolk. *cluck!* When I waked up, the golem-bracelet wuz gone an' so was Aria-lady!".


Code Location: dflesson

Intro: The Chaos inside me grows stronger. I can feel it stealing my mind. It has already changed what I had planned for your lesson today. I do not know what you will find inside this place, or whom. Be careful; I cannot tell which way the paths turn. But learn as much as you can... IF you can. When you are done, take the right-hand path up the mountain.

I hope you never know what it feels like to have your body and mind invaded by the grasping, poisonous touch of Chaorruption. It steals your breath, controls your thoughts. Every moment is a fight to regain control of your plans, hopes and dreams. I have lost control of this classroom, but you MUST learn the lessons there anyways.

Task 1: Elemental Orb Awareness
Description: One of the most vital tasks your OtherSelf, from the DragonFable time, needed to accomplish, was to gather all 8 Elemental Orbs. They had to travel far and fight many enemies to do so. All I ask is that you find them in your travels through the dungeon.

Items Required: Elemental Orb (8)

Rewards: 500 Gold, 500 XP, 500 Rep: ChronoSpan

How To:
Find the Elemental Orb. The Elemental Orb will mark by the Arrow. Click it to get the Elemental Orb. After that, report back to Ladoa to get your reward.

Task 2: Fight Chaos with Fire!
Description: Sometimes one must fight fire with fire... and others you fight Chaos with fire! I believe I can burn the Chaorruption out of my veins, but I will need the flames from 8 Fire Elementals and Shards from 4 Chaos Gemeralds to create the potion. Slay them and bring them to me!

Items Required: Slain Flame Elemental (8), Chaos Gemerald (4)

Rewards: 550 Gold, 550 XP, 600 Rep: ChronoSpan

How To:
Defeat Fire Elemental to get Slain Flame Elemental and Chaos Gemerald. After that, report back to Ladoa to get your reward.

Task 3: Save Aria
Description: Aria was one of the sweetest children, and her golem mirrored that. I created that and her pet, but Chaos freed her from my control, and now she is gone. Interrogate 6 Fire Elementals and 5 Slimes to see where she has gone. If we are lucky, you may find a clue to her location.

Items Required: Slain Elemental (6), Slain Slime (5), Blue Clue (1)

Rewards: 600 Gold, 600 XP, 600 Rep: ChronoSpan

How To:
Defeat Fire Elemental and Lava Slime and by doing that you may get the Blue Clue. After that, report back to Ladoa to get your reward. Then Ladoa will told you, "If I had the time, I would explain to you so much more about the nature of life, the universe and everything. Your travels in the future depend upon your mastery of them. I know an orb made from the mind of a man who knows a few things that could help. Find Cysero's workshop, and he will explain about time travel, phone booths and excellent adventures".

Task 4: Find the Time to Travel
Description: If you're going to discover the truths about life, the universe, and everything related to time travel and your destiny, you're going to need more information. Cysero's workshop makes creatures... smarter. Gather clues about Life and Universe, Everything, AND get your Towel. Kill monsters, gather parts to build phone booth.

Items Required: Life AND the Universe (4), Everything (5), Hoopy Frood's Towel (3)

Rewards: 650 Gold, 650 XP, 650 Rep: ChronoSpan

How To:
Defeat Agitated Orb and Chaos Tog at the Cysero's Workshop location, to get the required items. After that, report back to Ladoa to get your reward. Then Ladoa will told you, "Sneevils, you are familiar with, and their love of boxes. But the boxes they steal are not always empty. Discover the Sneevil Dumpsite. Inside the junkyard is an egg - the key to your OtherSelf's draconic destiny. Experience his search to understand the persistence and dedication it takes to challenge fate!".

Task 5: Dragon Egg... or Junk?
Description: Sneevils stole the box your OtherSelf's Dragon Egg was hidden in. To learn the persistence and purify of heart once needs to find their destiny, search through the garbage in their junkyard, as they did. Use the doors to find the right path to reach the monsters, then slay the vultragons until you find the egg!

Items Required: Chaorrupted Dragon Egg (1)

Rewards: 700 Gold, 700 XP, 650 Rep: ChronoSpan

How To:
Defeat Vultragon at Sneevil Dumpsite, to get Chaorrupted Dragon Egg. After that, report back to Ladoa to get your reward. Then Ladoa will told you, "Both the Sepulchure of this Lore and his counterpart in the DragonFable timestream traveled using a Flying Dracolich Fortress. Find it in the maze to learn more about his most prized possession - a dracolich destined to save the world... or destroy it. Learn what you can of this beast; you will need the knowledge soon".

Task 6: Dracolich Fortress Detected
Description: Do not let the Sp-Eyes placed around the Flying Dracolich Fortress see you. Even if Sepulchure is not here, dire things await you if you are spotted. Kill 5 Sp-Eyes to prevent your detection.

Items Required: Blinded Sp-Eyes (5)

Rewards: 750 Gold, 750 XP, 750 Rep: ChronoSpan

How To:
Defeat Chaos Sp-Eye at Flying Dracolich Fortress. After that, report back to Ladoa to get your reward.

Task 7: Bone up on the Boss
Description: I cannot show you what it is you face in the final test for this lesson, but I believe you will learn the skills you need by slaying 8 of the skeletons in the fortress.

Items Required: Smashed Skeletons (8)

Rewards: 800 Gold, 800 XP, 800 Rep: ChronoSpan

How To:
Defeat Chaorrupted Evil Soldier at Flying Dracolich Fortress. After that, report back to Ladoa to get your reward. Then Ladoa will told you, "A Hero's home, wherever they choose to make it, becomes the center of their life. Their friends, loved ones, and future are all found here. But it is also a weak spot; the enemies know that you care for those who live there. Find Falconreach, your OtherSelf's home-base. Defend it as you would Battleon in this Lore!".

Task 8: Defend the Town!
Description: When your home comes under fire, whether from an insane pyromancer or an undead invasion, a Hero must defend those who look to them for protection. Save Falconreach from 6 Lava Golems and 3 Fire Elementals!

Items Required: Golem Crushed (6), Elemental Eliminated (3)

Rewards: 800 Gold, 800 XP, 800 Rep: ChronoSpan

How To:
Defeat Lava Golem and Fire Elemental at Falconreach. After that, report back to Ladoa to get your reward. Then Ladoa will told you, "... Something about Chaos Chicken? Zeuster? Sorry, so sorry... My mind burns. The Chaos wrestles with my very words as I try to teach you. Find the temple of Zeuster, god of the ChickenCows. The golem Zeuster will explain about the nature of elements... IF Chaos hasn't stolen control of my creations from me, as well!".

Task 9: ChickenCows, Bacon and Battle!
Description: Bacon... the Void... Element X... however your OtherSelf called it, the element had powers the more mundane one did not. You cannot recreate the journey of your OtherSelf in DragonFable took, but you CAN experience what it is like to work with Zeuster. Slay Horcboars for Protein to keep up your strength, and get the 8 spell runes from Chaotic Chickens.

Items Required: Hero Protein (1), Spell Rune (8)

Rewards: 850 Gold, 850 XP, 850 Rep: ChronoSpan

How To:
Defeat Chaotic Horcboar to get Hero Protein and defeat Chaotic Chicken to get Spell Rune. They both at the temple of Zeuster. After that, report back to Ladoa to get your reward.

Task 10: The 2nd Proto-Chaos Beast
Description: Take on one of the DragonFable Hero's most memorable challenges. Face Fluffy, Sepulchure's Dracolich. The beast would have been great, IF it had been allowed to follow its own path!

Items Required: Fluffy Finished (1)

Rewards: 900 Gold, 900 XP, 900 Rep: ChronoSpan

How To:
From Ladoa's position, head to the right down road and defeat Fluffy The Dragon.

If you manage to defeat Fluffy The Dragon, Ladoa collapsed to Chaos, but with his last strength, he managed to return you to the current time. And Ladoa will told you, "HELP! Please... go... *whimper* The Chaos - feel my will... slipping, slimy purple tendrils grasping. Mind fading, shattered gemeralds, shining eyes. Chaos eyes. Go, before I cannot stop myself. The attack cannot come yet. You are not ready. *gasp* I am not ready! I. Do. Not. Accept. CHAOS!".


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